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October 10, 2017

New burdens on the horizon

If you thought it was all over with Mifid 2, not so. The ever-evolving world of regulation and responsibilities is entering a new phase, and it’s one that will concern many asset-management stakeholders. It’s no more than a draft at the moment but it reveals a clear intention …

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Fund Radar Quarterly Review – Q2 2017

Analysis of European fund-sales trends so far in 2017.
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  • Editor’s View

    How time flies... August marked the tenth anniversary of the global financial crisis, an event that has continued to shape the attitudes of investors, asset managers and regulators ever since. We may be in October but, with August's data under the microscope, we've grabbed the opportunity to take …

  • Swimming further ahead of the shoal

    August may have been a quietish month for European asset managers but PIMCO's rising fortunes continued to dominate the competitor landscape. Its lead fund contradicted the general direction of the market by posting record inflows of €4.6bn and there was little ammunition in the rest of the group's …

  • Shutting up shop for summer

    Who wants to be launching a fund when they could be frolicking in the waves on holiday? The answer, it seems, is not many people. Fewer than 100 new products saw the light of day in August, together gathering just €4.1bn. Breaking its recent trend, BlackRock did not …

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