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May 15, 2017

Winner takes all – myth or reality?

Received wisdom is that major asset mangers are taking ever-larger bites out of the investment pie, leaving smaller players to lick around the edges of the bowl; if you are small – or even mid sized – you may as well pack away your knife and fork and …

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Fund Radar Quarterly Review – Q1 2017

Analysis of European fund-sales trends so far in 2017.
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  • Editor’s view

    Braving the fearsome headwinds at the turn of the year, investors have ploughed record levels of new money into funds in Q1, though the reasons look complex. While retail investors have re-emerged to back mixed assets and funds of funds once more, there appears to be a lot …

  • So far, so good

    There are no signs of Europe's fund industry running out of fresh product ideas any time soon – 176 new funds were unveiled in March alone, taking the quarterly sum to 543. Given the rampant demand for funds during the first three months of this year, it has …

  • Something for everyone

    The fund management world has become a hothouse over the last quarter with sales volumes heating up even while inflationary and political thunderclouds build. This is a strange world to interpret because, despite the bullish sales signals, sentiment seems fragile. March sales fever saw a spike in group-level …

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