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May 15, 2017

Winner takes all – myth or reality?

Received wisdom is that major asset managers are taking ever-larger bites out of the investment pie, leaving smaller players to lick around the edges of the bowl; if you are small – or even mid sized – you may as well pack away your knife and fork and …

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Fund Radar Quarterly Review – Q1 2017

Analysis of European fund-sales trends so far in 2017.
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  • Editor’s view

    Another month, another recent record inflow. Business in 2017 continues to defy gravity, though scratch the surface and many moves look focused on diversification and hedging, or represent more sophisticated plays – all helping to explain how fund flows have remained so buoyant during a period of mixed …

  • Independent advice under siege

    The retail funds industry is rapidly approaching the home straight for the implementation of some of the biggest pieces of regulation to ever hit it. The tentacles of this new legislation span the distribution value chain, and one of the biggest upsets to the status quo is the …

  • Unfair criticism?

    April saw another shower of products hit the market as 115 funds were launched. This continual flow of new offerings leaves the asset management industry open to the criticism that it is forever stuffing its shelves with new products without first removing older, redundant ones. While not entirely …

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