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September 19, 2017

Micro machines

Asset managers benefit from a growing savings pool – but they could arguably do much more to encourage Europe’s savers to put aside additional money for the future. Instead it seems that a new crop of fintech platforms is performing this role, with the focus on small-scale deposits. …

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Fund Radar Quarterly Review – Q2 2017

Analysis of European fund-sales trends so far in 2017.
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  • Editor’s View

    Even summer-holiday season seems to have failed to dampen the extreme enthusiasm for fund investment this year, as evidenced by a continued record pace of inflow in July. This was helped along by a sharp upswing in equity demand, with traction growing in the renewed rotation into Europe-focused …

  • Digital disruption

    Adapting to change can be quite daunting. Even the most flexible of individuals and businesses will at times be overwhelmed by the rate of disruption across the industry. While many of the triggers of change are specific to financial services – industry regulation being a case in point …

  • Sun shines on active managers

    It was generally good news all round for European asset managers, the majority of which (58%) basked in a summer offering of net new money. This, in fact, represented a slight decline on some previous months of the year, but sales activity was less extreme at either the …

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