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January 23, 2017

In funds we trust?

After the curveball result of the Brexit referendum, I can’t say I was completely surprised at Donald Trump’s US election victory, though given his ambition to shake up many established features of the world order, it still came as a bit of a shock. As he takes up …

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An overview of Europe's asset-gathering results in 2016, and the outlook for 2017.
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  • Editor’s view

    The sun shone brightly on Europe's fund industry in the first month of 2017, washing waves of new money onto its shores. Trump's anticipated fiscal policies and further normalisation of US interest rates helped to boost market optimism, though the response, at least from fund investors, was a …

  • Big just got better

    The roll call of successful groups in this first month of 2017 reads like a simple list of Europe's largest asset managers. Investors were buying and this meant new business for groups with big distribution relationships or access to captive clients. Headed up by BlackRock, the sales top-50 …

  • A cautiously optimistic start

    The year started well for the fund industry, with long-only funds netting over €2.5bn in sales – the best results since the end of the third quarter. Mixed assets spearheaded the sales drive, followed by commodities and open-ended real estate funds. Sales in equities were in the black …

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