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May 15, 2017

Winner takes all – myth or reality?

Received wisdom is that major asset managers are taking ever-larger bites out of the investment pie, leaving smaller players to lick around the edges of the bowl; if you are small – or even mid sized – you may as well pack away your knife and fork and …

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Fund Radar Quarterly Review – Q2 2017

Analysis of European fund-sales trends so far in 2017.
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  • Editor’s View

    Another mountainous batch of money made its way into European funds in June, rounding off a truly extraordinary six months. Investors appear to have shrugged at economic and geo-political concerns at the start of the year and instead went full throttle with new commitments (albeit parking a fair …

  • Galumphing giants and frolicking focused groups

    BlackRock extended its lead this month with three UK fund launches – trackers designed for pension investments. The group is now in an unassailable position with year-to-date inflows that are more than €16bn ahead of its closest rival, PIMCO. Meanwhile PIMCO continues to exert its control of active …

  • Protection or protectionism?

    Esma continues to flesh out its position on the relocation of asset managers' business – and likely not only to the consternation of Britain, which looks particularly prone to facing new hurdles following last year's Brexit vote. Meanwhile, Better Finance has picked up where Esma left off in …

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