Recent articles by: Chris Chancellor, CFA
  • February 2018Opinions & Features

    Steady as she goes

    What a difference a year makes – particularly for the bulge-bracket brands. The twists and turns of the markets in 2016 left the active managers nursing redemptions or sluggish sales, but the tables turned in 2017 when a fair wind blew good fortune to most asset-management groups, and particularly the big brands. This was a year when it was hard …
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  • February 2018Opinions & Features

    2017: Best. Year. Ever.

    It may go down in the history books as the year of the bond fund, but 2017 was also the best year on Broadridge record for equity flows and second best for mixed assets. Active funds enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, largely in the fixed income sphere, but passive funds were also able to log their highest flows. The accolades …
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  • January 2018Opinions & Features

    Happy New Year?

    While 2018 has already dawned, the previous data year has yet to end – November is the focus of this edition of Fund Radar [see next month's edition for a panoramic view of 2017's product-strategy landscape and what might be in store for 2018]. From a launch success perspective, 2018 will be make-or-break time for much of 2017's crop. The …
  • January 2018Opinions & Features

    Flip goes the sales leader

    With little change to the generally euphoric sales backdrop, there was nothing to disrupt the aggressive momentum of this year's sales leaders. The triumvirate of BlackRock, PIMCO and Amundi remained at the top of the pecking order in November, and remain in the line-up as the year-to-date winners. But, in a surprise change to the status quo, PIMCO jumped ahead …
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  • December 2017Opinions & Features

    GROUP PROFILE: Goldman Sachs Asset Mgt

    Goldman Sachs (GSAM) came into being in 1869 and now ranks as America's second-largest investment bank behind JPMorgan. Its asset management arm is one of its less public activities but in Europe it has been quietly growing. In 2008 the group claimed just €10bn of AUM, but its long-term assets now stand at €57bn – a growth rate that is …
  • December 2017Opinions & Features

    Brightest stars shine on

    The relentless flood of money pouring into investment funds continued uninterrupted in October, resulting in a leader board that looked more or less the same as every other month this year. BlackRock and PIMCO refused to give up their two top slots, despite sales flows for both shrinking noticeably. Meanwhile Amundi's fortunes improved enough for the group to reoccupy its …
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  • December 2017Opinions & Features

    Niche appeal

    Another healthy haul of fund launches was presented to European investors in October: 176 in total. These were almost netted out by 173 closures and mergers, marking a brief pause in the gradual reduction in the region's bloated fund range. Digging further into the data reveals that the slowdown in development of new mixed assets funds, noted previously in Fund …
  • November 2017Opinions & Features

    Autumn harvest

    After generally downing tools for the summer, product developers were back at work in September, a traditional time to bring in the harvest. Indeed – to stretch the analogy further – the month played host to a healthy crop of fund launches: 146 in total, including 60 equity offerings. Sixteen percent of new contenders were passive funds, including six ETFs …
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