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  • November 2017Opinions & Features

    Autumn harvest

    After generally downing tools for the summer, product developers were back at work in September, a traditional time to bring in the harvest. Indeed – to stretch the analogy further – the month played host to a healthy crop of fund launches: 146 in total, including 60 equity offerings. Sixteen percent of new contenders were passive funds, including six ETFs …
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  • November 2017Opinions & Features

    Unchanged melody

    'More of the same' is the phrase that comes to mind when looking at the latest competitor leader board. As in every other month this year BlackRock and PIMCO have taken the top two positions, each respectively dominating passive and active fund sales. A minor deviation from previous months' norms followed with Germany's cooperative bank player, Union, edging past Amundi. …
  • October 2017Opinions & Features

    Shutting up shop for summer

    Who wants to be launching a fund when they could be frolicking in the waves on holiday? The answer, it seems, is not many people. Fewer than 100 new products saw the light of day in August, together gathering just €4.1bn. Breaking its recent trend, BlackRock did not launch another ACS fund, and so did not clinch the top-launch accolade; …
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  • September 2017Opinions & Features

    GROUP PROFILE: Flossbach von Storch

    Flossbach von Storch was formed in 1998 by founders Dr Bert Flossbach and Kurt von Storch. It remains owner operated to this day. The group manages money on behalf of wealthy individuals, retail investors and institutions – predominately via its own investment funds. Its approach is to manage money on a multi-asset basis underpinned by its proprietary pentagram philosophy. Flossbach …
  • September 2017Opinions & Features

    Peering into the beyond

    Yet more extraordinary flows formed the backdrop for product-strategy developments in July. The month saw 746 funds gather over €50m each – though spare a thought for the 365 that lost more than €50m in withdrawals. PIMCO GIS Income is still moving from strength to strength: it continues to consolidate its position as Europe's largest long-term fund and is the …
  • August 2017Opinions & Features

    Galumphing giants and frolicking focused groups

    BlackRock extended its lead this month with three UK fund launches – trackers designed for pension investments. The group is now in an unassailable position with year-to-date inflows that are more than €16bn ahead of its closest rival, PIMCO. Meanwhile PIMCO continues to exert its control of active fund sales with its blockbuster Income fund setting another monthly sales record. …
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  • August 2017Opinions & Features

    Novel concepts turn heads

    So far this year, 1,183 funds have been brought to market in Europe, putting 2017 on target for around 2,000 launches in total – in line with prior years. Between them, these new initiatives have so far raised net sales of €112bn, making for an average haul of €96m each. But the reality is of course that product success varies …
  • July 2017Opinions & Features

    Rising tides?

    A rising tide of investment usually floats most fund sectors, but in 2017 the volumes of money in play have been more akin to a tidal wave, driving significant new subscriptions almost across the board. Over the first five months, 47 sectors have clocked up net inflows exceeding €1bn whilst only 11 have lost more than €1bn in withdrawals. At …
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