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The Fund Radar toolkit includes data, reports, analysis and opinion in formats engineered for tacticians, strategists and time-poor senior executives. Below is a selection of our power tools.


First Sight and
Second Sight reports

Bringing together the latest data with cutting-edge analysis and commentary on both domestic and cross-border markets, these reports reveal market signals and trends that asset managers need to inform and guide business planning. First Sight outlines the sales headlines three weeks after month’s end, and is powered by data from Morningstar Direct. Second Sight delivers a much deeper exploration of monthly, quarterly, or annual fund flows and industry developments. The report analyses data from Broadridge FundFile and Fund Buyer Focus, and is published six weeks after month’s end.

Executive snapshot & monthly infographic

We know that time is a precious commodity. That’s why, every month, we create an executive summary and infographic providing immediate insights into the most important activity of the period.


Net sales history of active long-term funds (€m)

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Core data

Keeping you up to date with all the major sales and asset gathering activity at cross-border and local-market level, core data provides a clear snapshot of sales across Europe. The data is integrated into our reports but is also available online in a standalone format for Fund Radar subscribers.


Join live updates or listen to recorded broadcasts at a time that suits you for short, sharp quarterly updates and topical discussions from our panel of industry experts.


The fast track to building and
sustaining in-depth market knowledge

The Fund Radar team does the heavy lifting for you. We gather and analyse data and provide actionable advice to free up your resources to respond to market developments and opportunities.

Market coverage

Success in Europe comes from local focus. Fund Radar has the depth of local market coverage that most pan-European commentary ignores.

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Combining country and subject-matter expertise, Fund Radar transmits forward-looking opinion to help shape asset managers’ thinking in key areas:

  • Competition
  • Distribution
  • European trends and forecasting
  • Product
  • Regulation

The content you want, wherever you are

Whether you are on the move or in the office, Fund Radar travels with you, providing access to all data and analysis on mobile and desktop devices.

Independent thinking

Each member of our management team has more than 25 years' experience of delivering forward- thinking research and guidance to asset managers and industry bodies. This has helped attract and assemble a unique team of journalists, local market and functional specialists to provide clients with independent and authoritative thinking to challenge or validate in-house decisions.

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Rodney Williams


Diana Mackay


Mauro Baratta


Chris Chancellor

Market specialists covering eight European countries

Risk remains on ahead of ECB tapering

October's market trends and investor sentiment seem to have stemmed from central-bank manoeuvres rather than the myriad geopolitical dramas at play. Indeed, risk aversion was not particularly evident in Italian fund-investment patterns this month. This was particularly true of mixed assets and equities, the two asset classes attracting …

Italy, Market Focus

Light at the end of the tunnel?

The last quarter of the year started on a high note. Total sales were €8.8bn and long-term sales were €2.3bn. In addition, for just the third time in 10 years, every asset class was in the black! Equity sales were down on previous months, but every other asset …

France, Market Focus

UK investors wobble

UK investors have remained remarkably sanguine this year despite the political difficulties facing the UK government, namely the shakey position of the prime minister and the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Brexit negotiations. In October, however, they wobbled, making net withdrawals from equity funds for the first time …

Market Focus, UK

Red October

October’s plunge into negative-sales territory halted the positive sales streak that began in June. It also underlined a slow-down in the pace of net inflows since July’s €2bn sales bonanza. Equities were responsible for the bulk of the outflows. Within this category, Swiss equities saw the biggest cull, …

Market Focus, Switzerland

Flows hinge on a handful of funds

October was another month with booming equity sales, however, the overall net sales figure was depressed by weak bond support, plummeting money market funds and, more importantly, by a veritable exodus from mixed assets; the category suffered its largest redemptions on record. Underneath the surface, only a handful …

Market Focus, Sweden

Funds-of-funds haul dwarfs headline fall

At headline level, the domestic arena slipped a little deeper into the sales doldrums this month, a prolonged positive run having come to a halt in September. In the main asset classes, the key changes in October were a Catalonia-related sales plunge in equity, and a correspondingly sharp …

Market Focus, Spain

Appetite for stock funds drive sales

In October, investors switched from liquidity funds to more profitable options. Flows to the individual asset classes were somewhat mixed, however, leaving bonds and property funds in net negative territory. Sales of mixed assets funds remained stable, at around €1.2bn, and, driven by investors' huge appetite for equities …

Germany, Market Focus

An uncertain time for investors

Austrian investors have been taking a cautious approach in the fourth quarter. This is perhaps not surprising bearing in mind the disintegration of the grand coalition earlier in the year which led to the election in October of Sebastian Kurz’s conservative People’s Party (OVP). With a share of …

Austria, Market Focus

Stay ahead of the game

Providing strategists and tacticians with early identification of market threats and opportunities, Fund Radar helps clients achieve a competitive advantage with actionable insight to develop business across Europe.

Fund selector feedback

“I think that the low-interest-rate environment will have an effect in this regard, in that it should lead to the launch of products that suit the requirements of such a scenario. Other factors that could come into play would be the structural reforms in countries – Greece, for example – where such measures have yet to be effected, and the removal of political risk as a threat to market stability over the next few years.”

Drivers of change: Spain, Funds of funds management

Selectors citing regulation as top driver of industry change, by market


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Market forecasts

Our sales forecasts and predictions are reviewed and updated quarterly to give your strategic planning the leading edge in all weathers.


Trends analysis

To keep you up to speed with the ever-shifting European landscape, we track market and pan-industry trends and provide opinion and actionable insight. These include demand for product types, the impacts of forthcoming regulations, distributor views on industry drivers and the success of different fund business models.

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