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April 13, 2018

Can you afford not to care?

Swedish asset managers had more than just Mifid 2 to think about as 2018 dawned – January also saw the implementation of a new rule forcing funds there to report their management of various sustainability aspects. Along with a handful of other countries, Sweden has long been at …

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Looking East

Asset-management opportunities abound in Asia-Pacific, but robust insights are crucial to grasping them
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  • Editor’s View

    While April did see fund flows shift back into positive territory after March's slip into the red, it was only to the tune of a modest €5bn. Europe's funds industry as a whole seems determined not to be buoyed by widespread positive market sentiment and some good growth …

  • April showers, green shoots

    April brought another shower of product launches to the market, 177 to be precise, which generated €7bn in new net sales. Equity was responsible for the most launches, but bonds raised the most money; mixed assets were again a laggard. Thirty-two of the launches were ESG focused and, …

  • Value in local flair – boutique brands

    Last month was our quarterly review of group momentum, where we highlighted how smaller managers continue to punch well above their weight in the battle for new business. This month we delve a little further into some of their success stories, examining the boutique brands winning over fund …

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