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April 13, 2018

Can you afford not to care?

Swedish asset managers had more than just Mifid 2 to think about as 2018 dawned – January also saw the implementation of a new rule forcing funds there to report their management of various sustainability aspects. Along with a handful of other countries, Sweden has long been at …

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Product Innovation – ESG Moves Centre Stage

Analysis of the latest data on product-launch success and selectors' innovation demands.
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  • Editor’s View

    There was little change in the direction of travel for May's fund flows, as long-term net sales slipped back into the red (-€6.4bn). Cross-border was the main culprit, recording a hefty €11.3bn of outflow.

  • An over abundance of small funds

    While Europe has been cleaning up its act and reducing the number of funds it has, progress remains very slow. At the end of 2018 there were 34,642 funds with assets in Europe and that number has fallen by just, 53 to 34,589, at the end of May. …

  • Spinning around in mixed assets

    The mixed or multi asset arena covers a vast range of different flavoured funds for retail investors seeking the benefits of an 'expertly' managed, diversified portfolio. While the asset class has suffered redemptions over the last nine months, mixed asset has had a stellar period of asset growth …

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