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April 13, 2018

Can you afford not to care?

Swedish asset managers had more than just Mifid 2 to think about as 2018 dawned – January also saw the implementation of a new rule forcing funds there to report their management of various sustainability aspects. Along with a handful of other countries, Sweden has long been at …

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From the sublime to the ridiculous

Beginning with jubilant highs, net fund sales soon came to a screeching halt in 2018. What happened - and what lies ahead?
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  • Editor’s View

    Finally, the 'B' word... the seemingly endless Brexit debacle rolls painfully on and continues to dampen both the pace of fund demand and positive sentiment generally.

  • Institutions flex their muscles

    UK pension pool LF Access topped February's net sales leader board more than doubling the haul of runner-up BlackRock, which drew in €2.8bn, a shortfall on January's total of €4bn. While there were many familiar names in the list, equally notable was the absence of regulars such as …

  • ETF distribution disruption

    Whether you view the growing footprint of ETFs as an opportunity or a threat to your business, their adoption, particularly among retail investors, is set to accelerate in the wake of Mifid 2. While the regulatory focus on fee transparency pushed the cost of investing under the spotlight, …

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