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April 13, 2018

Can you afford not to care?

Swedish asset managers had more than just Mifid 2 to think about as 2018 dawned – January also saw the implementation of a new rule forcing funds there to report their management of various sustainability aspects. Along with a handful of other countries, Sweden has long been at …

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Fund Radar Review Q3 2019

About turn! Fund sales are responding positively to monetary easing, but are retail investors in step?
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  • Editor’s View

    Nine months in, and what a contradictory year 2019 is turning out to be! Net sales to the end of the third quarter have been somewhat jaded, and without central bank intervention earlier in the year, we could well be looking at a considerably less positive picture then …

  • Launch trends year to date

    September saw a further 223 new funds come to market, together raising €8.2bn of net flows. The bond and equity asset classes each accounted for around €3bn of net flows, with mixed asset gathering around half that number. So far in 2019, fund launches have been responsible for …

  • Sales and account management – back to the future

    Our annual look at the sales and account management function highlights few changes in the top rankings, as JP Morgan increased the gap between its closest rivals. This front-line business function relies on contributions from all parts of the organisation. As the expectations of distributors and end-investors alike …

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