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In a world that is deluged with data, the ability to navigate through the numeric noise to find meaningful trends is a rare asset.

It’s not just words on paper

Fund Radar is a practical tool designed for asset management professionals. Underpinned, with standard data sources as well as the unique Fund Buyer Focus resource, Fund Radar supports the tactical and strategic business decisions you have to make to win assets in Europe’s complex retail markets.

Fund Radar’s monthly coverage:

  • Highlights business development opportunities
  • Tracks demand from third party distribution channels
  • Identifies new product development trends
  • Analyses competitor positioning and assesses potential for growth
  • Guides in the development of targeted sales and marketing strategies
  • Summarises key impacts of forthcoming regulations
  • Provides regular sales and market growth forecasts to aid your business planning
  • Gives your local country heads country-specific updates for all of Europe’s largest target markets.

In-depth coverage of Europe

… and its largest local markets. Success in Europe comes from local focus. Fund Radar has the depth of local market coverage that most pan-European commentary ignores.