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Corporate updates

  • KNEIP invests in FBF

    11th May 2011

    KNEIP, a leading service provider for the asset management industry, has acquired a strategic stake in Fund Buyer Focus Ltd. (FBF), the newly-formed collaboration between MackayWilliams, LLP, the leading fund market analysts, and Metrinomics GmbH, one of top market research companies.

    FBF is the new brand name for the former Fund Market Focus business operated solely by Metrinomics over the last decade. In January this year, MackayWilliams acquired a controlling interest in the business with a view to developing new types of fund market research and new business partnerships.

    FBF specialises in the continuous monthly interviewing of major investment fund distributors across 20 European countries on their perceptions of investment management groups and the structure of their selection processes. Analysis of this continual polling, drawn from a field of over 5,000 established professionals, provides third-party retail fund promoters with detailed grass-root perspectives on marketplace attitudes, business drivers and the factors that can translate into real competitive advantage.

    Bob Kneip, CEO of KNEIP, states: “More and more, we’re being asked to consult on optimising investor and distributor communication, compliance, data, and reports to help our clients understand where they should be. FBF brings a new dimension to our business, fulfilling KNEIP’s objective to help our clients communicate with their investors. The insight that they produce helps us better understand our clients and the markets they operate in.”

    “Asset managers today are focused on efficiency, transparency and building trust among their stakeholders and getting the right information to their investors and distributors is critical. This goes beyond essential core data and documents such as NAVs, corporate actions, KIIDs, and factsheets. It means accessing insightful market intelligence such as broader sales data understanding and underlying market trends. It is here that the valuable information that FBF produces can be a powerful tool in helping them make sound choices about how to best reach their stakeholders and serve their distribution network.”

    Rodney Williams of FBF adds: “Our companies have a common goal: to help asset managers better communicate with their investors, either directly or through their distribution channels. Our business model can help them maximise their opportunities by understanding their peers and the market segments they operate in better than anything else currently available.”

    FBF’s service will remain the same in the near term, with new standard and bespoke services planned which will give unique insights into fund market dynamics, from both the supply and the demand side.

  • MackayWilliams & Metrinomics in joint venture to create new fund market research unit

    24th January 2011

    MackayWilliams LLP, the leading fund market analysts and Metrinomics GmbH, one of Germany’s top market research companies, announce the creation of a new fund market research company Fund Buyer Focus Ltd

    The new company has been created to combine the fund buyer research that Metrinomics has been undertaking over the last 10 years with of some of the authoritative fund market perspectives that are the hallmark of MackayWilliams activities.

    Putting together the talents and long market experience of both parent companies teams into one specialist unit offers asset managers a more efficient approach to analysing market intelligence and accurately understanding market positioning.

    From a universe of over 4,000 professional fund buyers across Europe Fund Buyer Focus will continue the unique polling of samples of over 900 individuals. But by combining these results with individual market analysis the new unit will be able to offer unique insights into fund market dynamics, from both the supply and the demand side.

    The two parent companies see the creation of Fund Buyer Focus as a natural fit in terms of market coverage. For the first time, ever, European asset managers, and particularly the cross-border groups, will be able to gain full perspective on the success of distribution and sales strategies from one source.

    At the outset, the asset management industry will notice little difference other than a change of name. However new standard and bespoke services are planned which will be announced in due course.

    Rodney Williams, CEO of MackayWilliams stated: “This is an exciting and, perhaps long overdue, development. We have had good relations with Metrinomics for many years now and have often discussed our parallel objectives. The creation of Fund Buyer Focus allows us to not only maximise market intelligence opportunities but also open new windows on industry understanding.”