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Nine months in, and what a contradictory year 2019 is turning out to be! Net sales to the end of the third quarter have been somewhat jaded, and without central bank intervention earlier in the year, we could well be looking at a considerably less positive picture then …

Market Focus

No sign of light at the end of the tunnel

Another month of Brexit uncertainty, another month of redemptions from UK funds in September, ending a fifth consecutive quarter of net outflows. In fact, it was the worst quarter on record for UK fund managers, in what is also likely to be their worst year ever. Equity funds …

Distributor commentary
“I think that the low-interest-rate environment will have an effect in this regard, in that it should lead to the launch of products that suit the requirements a of such a scenario. Other factors that could come into play would be the carrying out of structural reforms in countries - Greece, for example - where such measures have yet to be effected, and the removal of political risk as a threat to market stability over the next few years. ”
Drivers of change: Spain, Funds of funds management

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