Editor’s view

Welcome to the first of Fund Radar’s new topical editions. Three times per year, around half of the report will be given over to a particular subject, with dedicated coverage in most chapters. In this inaugural issue, the subject in focus is responsible investment – look out for the tree symbol!

This is a broad area that encapsulates many terms – SRI, ESG, green, impact – but however viewed, it is clearly blossoming, with assets expanding notably faster than the industry average (see Product Strategy). It is also a great area in which to differentiate and strengthen your asset-management brand, so long as you’re planning a real and demonstrable commitment (see Competitor Oversight and Distribution).

Responsible investment has long been a part of the institutional sphere, but retail investors are catching up; indeed, selectors often report that their interest in such funds is driven by end-client demand. It’s also an area where, for a change, the Anglo-American cross-border groups are playing catch-up, with the majority of SRI innovation stemming from continental groups to date. We hope you enjoy the read!