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  • June 2019Opinions & Features

    Value in local flair – boutique brands

    Last month was our quarterly review of group momentum, where we highlighted how smaller managers continue to punch well above their weight in the battle for new business. This month we delve a little further into some of their success stories, examining the boutique brands winning over fund selectors – as well as the shock waves that might follow a …
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    Swiss Life Select has around 300 financial advisers across Austria. A recent survey of its Austrian client-base found that the most influential factor in their financial behaviour at present is the global economic situation. The company has also pointed out that while its customers use the internet for research, the majority still prefer personal contact with an adviser, especially when …
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    In response to a question on most interesting savings opportunities, 61% cited buy-to-let property while 58% plumped for life-assurance policies. Only 20% of respondents chose Sicavs. When asked which type of investment had the potential for the best returns, 29% said buy-to-let property, 11% said equity and 7% said unit-linked policies. However, a significant 21% said none of the above.
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    Fund platform and direct bank Ebase plans to increase the number of ETFs it offers from around 450 at present to 650 in the near future. But this will just be the beginning of the firm’s reaction to increasing demand for ETFs from retail and institutional customers, according to Ebase. Its ultimate target is to stock 1,300 ETFs.
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    The last 'unmovable' Italian fund units based in Luxembourg and Dublin – Mediolanum, Azimut and Generali – have had to make the calculation of their performance fees compliant with the new standard regulated by IOSCO. Years ago, the Bank of Italy had standardised the methodology, forcing asset managers to calculate this variable cost annually (not monthly or quarterly) using a …
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    For the domestic industry, a flat first quarter on the sales front in part reflected local investors’ heightened risk aversion in the aftermath of the previous year’s volatility. What meagre inflows there were headed mainly into products at the conservative end of the risk spectrum. With mainstream fund-investor appetite for any form of equity exposure weak even as stock indices …
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    From January 2018, investment funds aimed at retail investors have been required to give enough information to understand a fund's sustainability considerations. This means that fund managers have to clarify which aspects of sustainability a fund touches on and what methods are used to invest sustainably. It should also be clearly stated if no such aspects are taken into account.
  • May 2019Opinions & Features


    The BlackRock-run Aladdin (asset, liability, debt and derivative investment network) system – already in place at DWS and Schroders – has been adopted by Credit Suisse Asset Management for assessing portfolio risk, compliance, data management and facilitating trading. The costs of integrating such a system into any bank’s IT operations are tremendous – but in the long run it seems …