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  • September 2019Opinions & Features

    Asset allocation yin and yang

    Faced with continued global economic headwinds fanned by political and trade tensions, portfolio managers and advisers are navigating their clients' portfolios through choppy waters. As seen in recent sales data and the recent flight to bonds, appetite is markedly risk-off, which is further reflected in our latest data on third-party fund buyers’ asset allocation intentions.The most recent data from Fund …
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    One of the most difficult tasks for Austrian financial advisers is convincing private investors to think long term. According to a recent survey undertaken by Schroder Investment Management, Austrian investors keep their stock market investments on average for only 2.8 years. Their performance expectations are also high. Over the next five years, they expect average returns of 8% per annum, …
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    In recent years, the competitive environment has compelled French distribution companies to consolidate and vertically integrate. The Nortia platform, part of the DLPK Group, is an adviser-dedicated platform offering mainly life and pension products, as well as investment solutions through its sister company, Nortia Invest.
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    Passive investments in Germany have never been more popular! At least this could be the conclusion of the findings of a survey conducted by platform Extra-ETF, analysing data from ten leading domestic banks, among them Commerzbank, DKB and ING. According to the results, the number of ETF-based fund savings plans breached the €1bn mark in June, an increase of almost …
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    Delivery of the Mifid 2 ex-post costs and charges reports finally started and millions of Italian investors received details of their portfolio performance for 2018, both gross and net of all costs, enabling them to assess the true value of their investments (for advisory and portfolio management services), against the costs incurred. At the time of writing (July), only a …
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    From a pure sales viewpoint, the fund-distribution scene looked fairly lacklustre this month for domestic groups. Much of what seemed at headline level to be an upturn in the overall pace of net inflows turned out to be the product of internal asset transfers between the funds of a single group (CaixaBank), as opposed to genuine sales activity. For international …
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    With around 30% of Swedish funds assets held via the premium pension (PPM), the PPM platform is by far the most important distribution channel in Sweden. However, new rules introduced at the end of last year forced fund managers to reapply to stay on the platform. Around 550 funds applied to stay at the platform, of which 61 have been …
  • August 2019Opinions & Features


    The merger of WMM Group with Lugano-based wealth manager Trans Fiduciaire comes on the back of two things: firstly, for Italians returning to Switzerland with their money, technology is making the procedure of setting up an account in Switzerland easy; and secondly, regulation is expected to come into force in 2020 that will in all likelihood be acknowledged as EU …